Call for Presenters CAB Conf. 2018

The annual CAB conference is a two-day engagement of bridging banking services with customer experiences creating connections that transcend the traditional relationship.

The conference will bring Directors, Presidents, CEO’s, Managing Directors and  Finance, Operations, Projects Executives from our honorary, general and service members, various correspondent banks and service providers. The purpose is to promote sharing of views, solutions and ideas on changes across the region. As a potential presenter or panelist, you are to guide the audience to better understand your topic and allow brainstorming on issues facing the industry right now. CAB is accepting presentations that reflect best practices in the field, informed by theory, research, and practice.

Are you an amazing Keynote Speaker?

We invite proposals that:

  • Address current challenges of in the field in the Caribbean
  • Provide real-world implementations, insights, strategies and lessons learned that can move the banking industry forward

Topics may include:

  • Regulation/Compliance
  • Technology/Operations
  • Customer service
  • Finance
  • HR Management
  • General

The conference will be enriched with discussions between member country representatives from different sectors providing a diverse array of presenters during the two day agenda. Proposals will be considered as part of a panel discussion or session presentation.


Target Audience:

  • Financial institution; Directors, Presidents, CEO’s, Managing Directors and  Finance, Operations, Projects Executives
  • Government representatives

The Process

The Proposal Submission Process:

1 Submit a Proposal
If you would like to present as a panelist or session presenter, start by submitting a proposal. Follow the instructions on the form submission: presentation type, short/long descriptions, keywords, focus, and biographical information. View Form for submission presentation proposal.
2. Get Accepted
After receipt of your presentation proposal, it moves to the evaluation phase. We welcome the submission of proposals
any time prior to December 04, 2017. All proposals will be reviewed and if accepted the presenter will be contacted in February 2018.
3. Registration
Registrations for the event are now open. Please download and submit your application before December 4th,2017. Notifications will be sent by February 2018.


Deadline: December 4, 2017
Notifications will be sent by February 2018

The Evaluation Process

All proposals will be reviewed and selected based on the following criteria:

  • Overall quality
  • Relevance to the topic
  • Well-defined best practice/lesson learned
  • Relevance to the region
  • Practical application of method
  • Presenter qualifications; proposal will be evaluated per one presenter submission

The Acceptance

Once all proposals have been reviewed and based on the selection criteria, the presenter will be notified:

  • If presentation has been accepted to sit on a panel discussion
  • If presentation has been accepted to serve as a session presentation
  • If presentation has not be selected for this conference but considered for the following year
  • All presenter will be notified by February 2018.

Want to Speak @ CAB Con 2018?

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